What is ForumLines?

ForumLines is a free online forum host.

Which means you can use ForumLines to build your own online forum (also known as a discussion board or a message board).

We do offer quite a lot. Please take a peek at the front page for more details.


Hello and welcome to the front page of the ForumLines support forum.

Click here on the "Support Forum" menu item to navigate to the support forum.

This site (and forum) is build to the ForumLines community and can be used for many things like:
* questions you might have
* suggestions
* bugs you might have bumped into.


Wordpress plugin updated

We've just updated our Wordpress plugin to work with the latest version of Wordpress. Feel free to update your plugins and remember to report any problems you might bump into. Thanks

12-06-2019 14:05
Update time!

Update time! * images can be made private. * Images are now sorted by date by default (in dashboard) * New dashboard widget: Tips. Which displays tips ( duh ) * The meta widget now includes sign up, sign in and sign out links. * header can be hidden[...]

08-05-2019 11:57
User register and last login date, recent comments fixed, site urls in profile working, etc.

A small update has just been uploaded. This update includes: * View when user has registered and when he logged in for the last time (see "Users" section in the dashboard). * The "recent comments" home widget has been fixed. * Site urls in public user[...]

24-04-2019 13:19
Sunny afternoon update

It is quite sunny outside this afternoon, but i managed to upload an update. This one includes: * Lots of new CSS options (in Style > Global > CSS): shadow, border radius, column padding and a lot more. * New style sets: dark blue, default, default with[...]

19-03-2019 12:32
An update

I've just uploaded a new update, included in this update are the following points: * To pay for the servers that host this project i've added pricing feature, but it is quite fair, you'll only pay a small amount when your registered user total goes over[...]

07-03-2019 13:30
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