Wordpress plugin configuration manual

After you have installed the ForumLines wordpress plugin you need to configure it.

Connect to ForumLines
This might be a bit tricky for new users, but if you follow the steps below it should work:
  1. Login in your ForumLines dashboard.
  2. Go to your site and click "Settings" in the "More" section on the left hand navigation.
  3. Click the "Api" tab in "Site settings" and check the "Api enabled" checkbox, press the "Save" button to save changes.
  4. Go to the "Api" tab again and write down (or copy & paste to notepad) the "Api Key".
Users that want to post on your forum will need to register. The registration form of your wordpress blog is used for this. To prevent spammers to register the ForumLines plugin adds a captcha to the wordpress registration form. Let's configure this captcha.
  1. Get yourself a reCAPTCHA from google for your Wordpress blog. Make sure it is of type "v2" and "Invisible reCAPTCHA badge".
  2. Write down (or copy & paste to notepad) the reCAPTCHA site key and secret key.
  3. Go again to your "Settings" in the ForumLines dashboard and click the "Remote access" tab.
  4. Enter the Site and secret key in the appropriate fields and press the "Save" button.
Let's now configure your wordpress blog!
  1. Login in your Wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to "Settings" > "ForumLines" and enter the api key you wrote down in step 4.
  3. Enter your ForumLines email and password in the fields and click the "Connect with ForumLines" button.
  4. Now your Wordpress is connected with your ForumLines forum.
By default the registration form is disabled on Wordpress, to enable:
  1. Go to "Settings" > "General".
  2. Check the "Anyone can register" checkbox.
  3. Save the changes.
This step is needed because users will use the registration form of your Wordpress blog to register and start posting on your forum.

You are almost done! If you already have existing wordpress users you must do a initial resync. This will send information of your wordpress users to your ForumLines forum. After this is done when a user logs in to your wordpress they will also be loggedin on your forum.
  1. Click the "Resync" button.
  2. That's all.

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